Currently I am a high school English teacher in Naples, NY–in the Rochester area.  My primary areas of interest are: Drama, Poetry, American Studies, Dante, Project Based Learning, Multimodal Learning, Authentic Writing, Authentic Assessment, Providing Meaningful Feedback, etc.

More importantly, I am married to Wonder Woman (really), who, in addition to putting up with me, running the house, and taking care of children, is a farmer, beekeeper, teacher, philosopher, and friend. (Lucked out.) I am also the father of three awesome and energetic boys, whose intelligence and curiosity are infectious–and sometimes flammable (literally).

This blog is an attempt to make sense out of the craziness of life.  My hope is that by reflecting on the day-to-day challenges I face at home and in the classroom, I’ll have a clearer vision of my own personal philosophy.  Question. Enjoy.